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Timelessly elegant and impeccably made, design your own diary and it is handmade to order. The A5 bespoke diary has a week to view layout, which gives you ample room for appointments and note-making. Make your own diary and create designs for the front and back cover. The cover of your design your own diary is made from luxurious satin. This fabric not only looks beautiful, but it has superior print qualities. Colours are rich and vibrant and detail is depicted clearly. You can choose from 4 different colours for the spine; black, blue, green or red. When you design your own diary, you can be assured of the fine quality and craftsmanship that goes into making it. Handbound with metal corner protectors, your customised diary 2021 is made using traditional bookbinding methods. With features such as a ribbon bookmark, 110gsm ivory paper, and additional information such as national holidays* and maps, your new bespoke diary will be a real keepsake.

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    Stationary is one of those things that everybody loves, no matter what age they are. If you are a designer or artist, consider expanding your product line to include custom printed diaries. Your designs will look stunning printed on the luxurious satin fabric covers, and customers will love to be able to enjoy your art in their every day lives.

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    Your customised diary 2021 is covered with gorgeous Monroe Satin fabric. With a silky smooth touch and a luxurious finish, this fabric was chosen thanks to its myriad of qualities. As Monroe is a woven fabric, it has a slight grain which can be seen and felt. This is a natural attribute to the fabric. The grain gives the surface a slight texture. This means that although fine lines and details will print well, they won’t appear quite as sharp as larger details. We, therefore, recommend creating designs with slightly bolder pattern and larger text, to ensure the sharpest and most detailed finish.



    Diaries are one of the most useful pieces of stationary you can own. It's all very well and good having your appointments and arrangements on your smart phone, but there is something rather luxurious, not to mention therapeutic, about writing it down in your own diary. Design your own diary with artwork you have created, designs that inspire you or photography that makes you smile, and enjoy organising your life your way.


    No matter how many of us use smart phones and tablets to organise our lives, there is something comforting and authentic about having an actual diary. Create custom diaries for your business, so that your staff are always on top of meetings and appointments. Create a design featuring your company's branding and logo and gift a diary to every member of staff. No more excuses for employees being late for meetings!

    Diary Printers in Zambia

     National Holidays cover with Other African countries


    • Traditional bookbinding methods
    • Monroe Satin covers
    • Print front & back
    • Week to view
    • Durable and strong


    • A5 – 390 g


    Design your own diary with Contrado and you will be amazed at the traditional methods and attention to detail we give to each and every order. Your diary is made using book blocks, which are sourced from Lusaka. These blocks are used in the creation of your bespoke diary. Bound by hand by our team of skilled bookmakers, your designs are printed onto our stunning Monroe Satin fabric. This woven textile is renowned for its incredible print quality. Your diary is filled with 140 pages of fine, 110gsm ivory paper, with a handy week to view layout.

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    • Unfortunately not. All our garments are printed on flat fabric and sewn into finished products, which gives a better, finished result and all-over print. We test meticulously so that we know what gets the best results on our fabrics, and our facilities cater perfectly to them. We do however print sublimation paper to order, so if you have access to a heat press you can press your fabrics or flat garments easily.

      • With environmental consciousness in mind, our fabrics are all printed using completely water-based inks. This means no chemicals or solvents are used. Our heat fixing procedure fixes the colours and prints, avoiding the downsides of steaming, such as excess or contaminated water returning into the waste system. We have one facility in Johannesburg where we conduct all the printing, production and fulfillment.

    Printing of Diaries in Zambia

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      • When designing your product, it’s best to make sure that your image is slightly larger than needed. In printing, the extra printed image is referred to as a “Bleed Area” or margin, and it is removed from the finished piece. A bleed area acts as a buffer for slight inconsistencies in the manufacturing process. however, it’s important to fill your bleed areas completely, or you may end up with white, unprinted strips along the edge of your finished product.

        We always strive for the greatest accuracy when printing and constructing your garments. However, due to unavoidable stretch or movement of the fabric during the stitching process, we cannot guarantee perfect pattern registration across garment seams. We are generally accurate within 2-3mm, which Is close enough for most patterns but may show slight issues with detailed geometric patterns.

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