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The embossing essentially looks like the logo coming out towards you creating a beautiful 3 dimensional look for your graphic, which is something that regular screen printing cannot achieve.

In order to emboss an image, an artwork design or logo must be made into a template so as to cut a metal die and a corresponding counter-die. Dies are made of brass, copper or magnesium. The embossing process begins with the chosen material being fixed between the two dies from there a heated press is used to squeeze the die imprint into the material, finally resulting in a raised image, design or logo.

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    Enhance the look of your financial year diaries with exquisite customised branding from Best Promotional Diaries. Depending on the surface we can offer options including;

    • Pad Printing (in 1-3 solid colours)
    • Digital printing (full-colour surface print)
    • Blind embossing (imprinted directly into the cover of the diary)
    • Foil debossing (imprint with gold or silver foil for added refinement
    • And more!

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    A promotional student diary is a diary unit that has been specifically designed to cater to the requirements of someone studying or working at a school, university, college, community group, or club. Each student diary contains vital information on Australian school terms, key dates, useful tips, and functional contacts. Best of all, we decorate each unit with your school emblem or logo design so that recipients can proudly display their loyalty to your institution.



    Maximum durability, high-quality finish and low prices are key features of diaries within this category. Check out our range or ask us for ideas and branding inspiration. We deliver diaries in bulk and at cheap prices all around Australia direct to your address of choice.


    Embossing is the process of pressing a design onto a surface of the leather of faux leather surface. The result is an image that is raised above the surface of the original material. Some in our industry referst to this as a "relief."


    Personalised diaries make excellent gifts for students to help them keep track of important dates, exam periods, and study times. Select from a range of student diaries to meet every possible need from Best Promotional Diaries. We deliver custom products beautifully personalised with your graphics and logos. Decorate your diary with motifs from your school or college such as:

    • School emblems
    • Mantras and Slogans
    • Graphics which represent your school


    Using the latest branding methods including direct printing and embossing we personalise your diary just the way you like it. Front covers, back covers, even the inner pages can be personalised.


    No matter, if you are in Primary School, Secondary High School, College, University or any learning institution, then having a diary is an absolute essential.

    You will need student journals if your organisation is:

    • A school, college or university
    • A student organisation
    • A student club or society
    • As a gift for teachers.

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    Foiling is a favorite technique for premium branded diaries that involves imprinting metallic foil onto your journal cover using heat and pressure to create a sleek and appealing finish. The foiling process does not require any kind of ink, but rather is imprints a thin leaf foil design directly into the surface of the diary. The foil we utilise comes in a varity of colours and finishes, but the most popular styles are gold, sivler, copper, and holographic.

    The first step in producing a foil decorated diary is to create select and design the foil colours/styles required for your logo. We then heat the foil and press it against the diary surface with enough pressure to print a thin layer directly onto the material. For multiple foil colours, we initiate this process several times. The resulting finish is delicate, refined, and exquisite.

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    Digital printing involves utilising cutting edge laser and ink jet print techniques to produce a vibrant copy of your design directly on the surface of your diaries. This digital technique allows for printing a far more detailed image than screen printing, recreating the intricate elements of your design beautifully. Digital printing is also quick to set up and complete, allowing for efficient branding in minimal time – a great option if you require an express turnaround time.

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    The first step in our process for digital printing on your diaries is to convert the format of your logo design into a .AI or .EPS file with vector outlines. This data type is important as it ensures the digital printer can recognise your image correctly. From there, we place the diary on the machine pallets, which help hold the product in place. The diary is laid completely flat to ensure the integrity of the image printed is not compromise. The digital printer then proceeds to imprint the intended image upon the journal cover. Once this is complete, we move the diaries under a specialised dryer to finish setting the print.

    Financial diaries are custom products that list the year not from the chronological beginning to end (January 1st-December 31st) but from the start of the financial year until its conclusion (July 1st-June 30th). These bulk decorated items are ideal for those working in banks, financial or lending institutions, or any other organisation that requires strict adherence to the Australian financial year.TAGS:
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